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Why Wellness As One and Why expand?

Since I could remember I had a very strong sense of empathy, interest in a deeper connection between myself and others and a desire to be the change I wanted for the world –though I could not articulate it as well as I can now. And in fact, because I could not articulate it and had a harder time finding places where I could be understood or even see what I knew to be possible, I struggled a great deal. I have come to find that I am not alone in this experience. I saw over time as I was called to be a family member, student, educator, therapist, partner in marriage, parent/steward, Zen Awareness Practitioner, business owner, steward for organizations that I care about – that they were all places to steward and offer support to myself and others.

At first I found myself drawn back and forth between one belief that everything stemmed from the individual and another belief that everything stemmed from community. Over time, thanks to Awareness Practice, those beliefs moved to a growing awareness that the individual and community, while unique in their forms, are also one and the same. I am more and more aware that change first comes within and then flows outwards. Often it happens so fast it can feel like one and the same. Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayan have noted in their teachings and books from Living Compassion that insight needs experience in order for change to occur inwards and outwards. And change is occurring all the time. I do not have control over the actual change, but I do have control over my response to change and how I want to allocate my resources towards change that is occurring. This website and its offerings are in service to offering what is possible for people to gain more tools around transition/change and the well-being that is available when present to what is being offered in each moment.

Wellness As One came first as a Facebook group to have a space where people could look individually and together at different aspects of Wellness – and create the life they want to have for themselves and their communities. I decided that if I was going to venture into the world of social media to offer products and tools that were benefiting my family and friends, I wanted it to be a source of support, growth and exploration. There have been many instances over the last year pointing towards expanding the group to a website to offer more support and connection to a wider audience –which is why Wellness As One was launched to a website format.

I hope you find the website, blog and offerings helpful, supportive and connecting. Please share, connect and offer to others as you like and I look forward to learning and growing together.

In Gassho (my heart and your heart are one)

Megan Safford Nishibori

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