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Unexpected Connections

Nature is often balm for me (even when I forget or wish it was different!) and countless other beings. As I was writing in Wellness As One’s Monthly Newsletter, even getting out for a walk or standing on a small patch of ground with bare feet can be of aid to our sense of well being and connection.

A much more in depth and beautiful illustration of what I am pointing to can be found in the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer . It is absolutely a fabulous read. While I may be focusing on this today, it has been written about, talked about and embodied to this day by Indigenous Nations and First Peoples since the inception of human beings. I want to make sure I am clear on that as well.

For those that don't (and even those who do) often get to engage in this kind of connection, it is magical to see how we also impact our surroundings, how it all receives our attention. Just as we can destroy or neglect nature, we can also steward and nurture it. It doesn’t take much either, it is just takes being present. When we realize that we are constantly in a heartfelt dance of love between ourselves and everything around us, it is a game changer. This video of an experiment done by Ikea with kids on how even plants have feelings is a beautiful example of this connection.

It is my experience when I am present to, connected with, and attending to nature – there is healing. This can be on a large scale (see this article for inspiration) or a smaller scale. I have noticed that when working with the garden or cleaning up litter nearby, that there is appreciation within myself and (I project) from the plants and area around me. The plants grow and offer their gifts of abundance. Birds and other wildlife sing, frolic and participate in their way. When I am present, I get to receive and enjoy all of this, which makes me want and remember to pay attention, appreciate and take care of the life around me. As a result, that circle of giving and receiving continues - healing and growth continues.

See what you notice the next time you pick up some litter, financially support an endeavor that is helping our Earth or take a walk in the woods. In other words, notice what it is like to have your own experience of the web of life, the loop of giving and receiving, the interdependence of all, in supporting ourselves and life in all of its forms. What happens in your body, to your heart and to your energy and what you get to offer in return to all that sustains you?

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