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The Gift of Balance

From the Wellness As One Guides: It is a blessing and miracle that you are HERE, now, receiving all that is available in this moment and every moment to unfold and support the journeys of yourselves, each other and this world. It isn’t always easy to remember that when you get pulled out of the moment or receive extra energy to expand or feel the pain of Mother Earth and/or other’s around you that are going through difficult times. This is the time of balance and to practice with kindness, care, compassion and grace. To notice when extra energy is coming in, checking to see if it is for you and if so, where you want to place it. That you are in charge of your energy, where it is coming from and where you want it to go. When you do this, you become a clearer conduit for the Divine to work with you, with your communities and with the world at large. You learn how to balance the energy so it may help to heal the Earth as you can with money to organizations that are doing work to help heal, to Indigenous/First Nations who are the original stewards of the land and need support for that work and/or energy to support yourselves in taking actions individually also to help with the healing, protection and love of the Earth. It may be for energy to physically move the body, take care of it and give it love and appreciation for all of its hard work to support you! It may be for energy for your work or collaborating and communicating more with colleagues, partners, friends or family members. The list goes on with different places/spaces you might want to put your energy to balance it out, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming, it feels like there is space and a place for it all. In doing so, you are balancing and realigning your whole system. You and the world are better for it!

For more on this, we have some guided visualizations from this months Zoom call in the All In! Membership, and more will be coming to assist in this practice.

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