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The Background of Wellness As One with Megan Safford Nishibori

We realized that more was asking to be written about the roots of Wellness As One and Megan were missing, so it has been added to the next piece of the journey!

From an early age Megan was navigating the feeling of being with but not of, of being with rather than becoming, of listening to the wisdom within her and around her, rather than the conditioning that we are all a part as humans. Though this is not always an easy path, it is a vibrant and beautiful one that honors the unique expression that each creation of life offers. Megan encountered many challenges, and still does, but over time was able to find a way back and connect to the wisdom and guidance from within and through other forms. It became clear over the years that we are all are part of one. This does not dismiss or diminish the beauty of each life form, or the destruction that can come from people in the form and intersections of racism, colonialism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism and gender bias individually and collectively. It does call forth the ability to be aware of these damaging and traumatic aspects of human doing from a place of presence, so we can then act through acknowledgement, repair and renewal for All.

She is grateful to come from a long lineage of folks and ancestors who listened and acted upon their hearts and deeper wisdom in music, civil rights and social justice activism, law, education, religion, spirituality and intuitive abilities. Her husband’s lineage is steeped in following different paths as well and is evident now in their children’s unfolding journey.

Though Megan knew she was and could experience the world differently than it seemed most of the world was experiencing it, she could not articulate her experiences to be understood as much as she needed or wanted. Over the years, this seemed to be a theme for highly sensitive people/intuitives/ creatives/ psychics that Megan has and continues to work with, though it is beginning to change as more children and younger people are accessing their own path more quickly. These challenges propelled her into therapy (starting with family therapy in her teens- thank you family of origin!) as well as studying different spirituality and religious practices. Zen Awareness practice and energy/intuitive work became the area that Megan felt drawn to better understand herself and her connection to Source/Life/All That Is.

She is deeply grateful for all the teachers, guides and entities that have supported her and continue to support her along the way. Megan continues to learn more about the spiritual and energetic guidance she receives on a daily basis and how to be the clearest conduit for information to be transmitted to herself and others in her life and work through Wellness As One.

Wellness As One is the sum total of all the different experiences and work that Megan has encountered. It is the space that will continue to evolve as everyone who participates adds to the energy and wisdom the connects us all. It is here to support anyone who is interested in learning more about their unique expression that is asking to be expressed for the highest good at their highest frequency. It is for anyone who has believed narratives told to them or they hold onto about not enough or too much, being different or something wrong and is ready to begin the process of letting them go. It is for those who are ready to step into their authenticity and full alignment.

In short, Wellness As One is for anyone wants to shift, flip the switch, let go of the stories and be free to ground, unfold and delight in the gifts they truly are. It will continue to evolve, change and create different offerings, because as far as Megan can tell, that is what we are here to be.

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