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Shifting Perspective

As was stated in the Wellness As One Newsletter this month, perspective is a really useful tool to enjoy our lives. It takes us out of a monotone ego reality and into curiousity, abundance and a multifaceted experience of Presence. From there we can feel the connection to All, which includes ourselves, everything and everyone. What are some ways to gain perspective on a situation that feels like it only has one way to be viewed? The following (in no particular order) are some of my favorite ways to gain perspective.

1) Asking “What would Love do?” This is a no-fail way when remembered. It immediately puts us in the heart space because we know that Love is the unconditional and holds multitudes of possibility and perspective. This is the portal to all options.

2) Picking up the phone or recorder and recording what the voices in the head are trying to say about the situation and what you know to be true. In my experience, that allows for a major shift into Presence and it allows for next steps from Life to come through.

3) Going to a new place, moving your body or taking a break from the person, place or thing you are engaging in all help shift the perspective. The important thing about those avenues is that you get present to them. We can be in the most relaxing place ever, be around absolutely loving people, or have the most delicious food, but if we are not present to the gift in front of us we will stay stuck in the perspective of ego.

4) Zooming out. Getting to visualize myself seeing the situation as I move further and further out (out of my neighborhood, state, country, planet, etc) or even different dimensions gives me the literal and figurative space from the stuckness of the perspective. It either helps me drop the stance I have that is in a duality or drops the whole issue entirely.

5) Body scan. Taking a few minutes to close my eyes and drop into my body to see where the tenseness, rigidity or stuckness of the perspective seems to be and asking where it is coming from and what needs to released. Once the root of it (often fear) is established it is easier to either dissolve or address by voicing what is needed, etc. From there, possibilities are available or at the very least more information that feels supportive and resonant arises and is offered.

Dropping any story, belief or assumption and turning towards the experience you are in PRESENTLY allows for the change in perspective that automatically flows with the new moment. Because really, every moment is new and changing, so it has to be a different perspective as we flow with Life when we are present. It is only ego that would want us to believe we are stuck in the same pattern or rut or belief. The minute we step outside of the stuck thought or one view, we are stepping into All. It is dynamic, ever-changing and beautiful. Next month Wellness As One will be offering membership options that go deeper into supportive tools and topics through archived videos, practice exercises and participation in monthly zooms and postings in the forum. Stay tuned and/or get on our mailing list to know when these opportunities open up!

For now though we invite you to consider, what are some of the ways you like to change or gain perspective?

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