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Sacred Geometry in Our Daily Lives

As we have talked about in the past, one of the most helpful ways to enjoy our lives Here is to pay attention. Paying attention from a place of curiosity, awe and reverence is one of the quickest avenues to a sense of wholeness and peace. Over the last month in Ahai sessions geometric patterns have been showing up for myself and/or clients with a sense of curiosity, peace and awe. I have always been drawn to Mandalas and patterns in nature, so I was interested to find out more about the patterns showing up in the energy healing sessions. As I began researching, Sacred Geometry kept coming up in my searches. It is a way that various cultures, ancient peoples and religions have linked and continue to link the Sacred to the different aspects and forms of energy and Life. When we pay attention, we can see how these patterns and shapes show up throughout nature, architecture, sciences, music, math, art and almost every aspect of our lives. These patterns teach us about our world, what we can learn from it and what we are able to give back in a beautiful loop of giving and receiving.

This month is a call to direct our attention to how Sacred Geometry is already a part of our lives and bring more awareness to how this is so for each of us. Many of us listen to music and are drawn to certain chords, notes or patterns in a song, chant or instrumental combination. Our energy shifts depending on the chords, cells in the body even move differently depending on the vibration sent out. This also happens with the shapes being used in buildings or in art to convey an energy or resonance to the person receiving it. Noticing what you find soothing, energizing, interesting, etc in the patterns that marketing ads use for their logos is a great first step to bringing more attention to how we give and receive information and energy! Taking a walk outside can find similar patterns in leaves, shells on a snail, shapes in our cells, atoms and stars. The practice this month is to notice how paying attention to these different patterns, shapes and forms feels in the body, mind, emotional state and energetic state. From that place you can see what more you want to bring in and/or leave out in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic spaces. There are links for further research and learning in our free monthly newsletter, you can subscribe for more information. We look forward to seeing what you notice!

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