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Recording and Listening- what is it all about?

Recording and Listening. One of my favorite topics! What is it and why is it helpful? Recording and Listening helps direct the attention to the experience you want to have. Along with meditation it is one of the most powerful tools I have come across to help transform lives from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, depressed and/or lack luster into a lit up, vibrant, gratitude-filled and whole. This is why I use it with myself, my children, clients, and anyone who will listen. I lovingly nag my friends about the tool and fervently wish everyone would use it. It is free (though we have classes for a fee for more instruction to introduce and offer more ways to use R/L if they are interested) and can be used 24/7. I am grateful to Cheri Huber created the tool and website for everyone to use.

How does it work? There are many ways to practice with Recording and Listening covered at the Recording and Listening and Wellness As One websites, so I will focus in this blog article on my experience. In our Going Beyond Fear, Resistance and Limitation Workshop that goes along with our Neora business, we are using the tool of Recording and Listening to support the focus on a lit-up life. What I am noticing is that when I am listening to stories in my head about how things are supposed to be/should be, it is helpful to listen to some reminders of what happens when I can just pause and be with what is actually happening.

For instance, I am sitting on an airplane that flew me to visit family in another state with beaches, the ocean, singing birds and lots of love and is flying me back to our home state with beautiful lakes, lush greenery, connected community and more love. Yes, just a few minutes ago we were delayed for more than an hour and had an extra 2 hours of traffic to get to the airport. And - we were safe, had transportation available to us and the privilege to drive, fly and visit loved ones. I recorded on my phone what I was feeling, what I was noticing and then what I knew to be true. After listening back, I could be with feelings arising and then move into what was actually happening by directing the attention back to this, here, now. What was true.

Another way I love to use Recording and Listening is set reminders to listen to recordings at night, in the morning and through-out the day of what I want to focus on, what I appreciate, what I am grateful for, how I want to be with myself and others, etc. When I do so, my ability to focus on what is working, what I am grateful for and how I want to show up for my life is very clear, kind and supportive. Feedback from clients who try this tool often mention a similar experience. This does not mean I ignore pain, sadness and grief, or encourage others to do so. It doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to tragedy and injustice in the world. Quite the opposite. With Recording and Listening, I have been able to learn how to better be with all the emotions and situations that occur, so I may be more available to actually support myself and others in whatever way is needed or called for in the moment. In my experience, it allows me to tap in to that deeper knowing from Life, God or energy, whatever you want to call it, as that deeper Awareness appropriately responds to whatever is unfolding. Trusting in the response is the work, and Recording and Listening helps me practice building that muscle of trust.

With this one precious life, how do you want to be with it? How would like your best friend/closest confidante available any time you want? It doesn’t take a great deal of time and I would encourage you to check it out to have your own experience. For more information on Recording and Listening go to and/or for group and individual work.

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