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Love, Love, Love

Unconditional Love! We don’t have to go out and get it, we don’t have to fix or better ourselves to receive it, we just have to get out of the way and place our attention on those qualities of love, wonder and delight that are in us and around us all the time. And to be clear – this take practice and retraining our system! The pull to go into conditioned and habitual patterns that serve ego is well grooved. That doesn’t mean rewiring, recalibrating and readjusting the framework is unattainable. Using the tools we talked about in last month’s newsletter (Heartmath, Recording and Listening, meditation) are helpful modalities in this endeavor. In addition, receiving the energy, expanding to be able to work with and feel comfortable in it is also really important.

Sometimes energy/love/delight/wonder can feel too intense, or not coming in the way “we” want, or it feels amazing and we want to cling to it because we are afraid it will never come back or we shut it down because don’t know what will happen. These are all things to be aware of and explore. What happens if I become more expansive? Can I still say yes or no to things? How do I want to be in charge of my energy? Will I be judged for being too happy or delighted or awestruck? Is anyone else in charge of my life? Do they get to make all of my choices for me on a minute by minute basis? Are they living with me 24/7?

What is true is that our essence, our actual beings are love, delight and awe. We get to access unconditional love 24/7. We have been talked out of that knowing. Our practice gets to be looking for and receiving all the ways that Life loves us all the time. It can be the delight in giving and receiving material things, immaterial things, energy, etc. It can be in smiles, the wind in the trees, the warmth of the sun, the shimmering moon, the blue of the sky. It is everywhere and all at once within us and around us and in everyone else too. Once we are able to shift into gratitude and love, it is easier to attend to whatever is at hand. Have a project that you have been wanting to tackle? Maybe a book, dance, craft project, music, article, painting that has been waiting patiently in you to be created? Try it out!

Watch out for anything trying to say that you don’t have the time, or it has to be in a particular way, have a particular outcome. If that comes up, no problem. It is a distraction that you can let go of, set to the side or reframe. All that is needed is to move into the “yes” of Life. Saying yes to the invitation and allowing it to flow, being the clear conduit for Life to be offered through you, amplifies the gratitude, love, wonder and delight. You get to be filled and overflow, and all that overflowing energy gets to support others. Tapping into that knowing, being guided by that knowing and honoring the human who is learning again how to receive that information is a wonderful journey to be on regardless of the season or situation, from my experience. See if this is true for you!

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