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It's A Trustfall.

This blog is in honor of my family member and my unending gratitude for Them, Their process/transition and Their Spirit/Divine Team.
I remember feeling extremely uncomfortable in my first trustfall exercise with others, even though logically I knew it was a widely used team building approach to help facilitate giving and receiving of connection, trust and support. At first I was afraid I might miss the person and be the only person in the group to miss them, while simultaneously worrying that I would be the only one not caught! All of these images/fears were flashing before my eyes before we even started the work. Once I became more present and engaged in the actual experience, I began to see how we moved through the trustfall depending on each person and what they needed/wanted. Some people started upright and would fall a little bit each time building on the experience at each stage of full support, connection and love. Some people decided they wanted to just fall fully and be caught, no steps in between. Regardless of how a person wanted to go about the trustfall, they were heard, supported, honored and celebrated. By the end of the experience, everyone (if they were open to it) had a deeper connection to themselves and each other, a trust that they could ask for what they wanted and needed and it would be given and received. This is what we get to give and receive not only with ourselves and others, but also with our Spiritual/Divine Teams on a daily basis. We get to participate in the trustfall with ourselves, our Spiritual/Divine Teams and our friends and loved ones. This does not mean that everyone will always be on the same page with what we need/want for ourselves, nor do we need everyone to be on the same page to know that what we are authentically being called to do/be in the moment is exactly, perfectly for us in that moment. As we hold and keep that frequency/knowing, the people that are at or called to that similar place will find us or we will find them. This isn’t always easy to trust in or do/be, but when we stay the course, we are given exactly what we need. Sometimes it is the people that are around us that meet us and sometimes people that we don’t know as well, or lost physical touch with over the years who come back and/or we are nudged to get in touch with. Case in point, I was contacted by an extended family member about a month ago with whom I have had an absolute love for, even if we live far away from each other and have not physically talked in a few years. As a result of following the nudge to receive their contact, I have been honored to witness and be a part of one of the most incredible experiences of my life in assisting (with Ahai and my Divine Team) in the Transition of this family member into the Non-Physical alongside our extended family. I have watched this family member grow in Their connection and Trust to and with Their Spirit/Divine Team in the most masterful and magnificent way. I have watched Them move through the human aspects of transition, the various parts of the grieving process and allow the rest of the family to have Their experiences, begin to rise to meet This family member and allow Unconditional Love be the guiding force through it all. I have watched all the family members get exactly what they need, when they need it as well, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Especially if the way the person is Transitioning does not make sense in the logical, linear way we know now, that They are showing the way that is authentic to Them and what is needed at the time. This is like a mother giving birth into a new form or a young (or older!) person learning more and more about who they are and what they need to master a lesson, skill or situation. It is actually How we are called to be our authentic selves in all ways, all the time. No one is asked to dismiss or diminish their own authenticity alongside anyone else’s transition/needs/ wants/call to their authentic Selves. It is the knowing that everyone gets to be included in the Care of the person Transitioning. What is also worth exploring is that we all get to be in the Care as we transition from moment to moment to moment. Whether it is continuing in this form or the Nonphysical, we are always Transitioning. From room to room, in our cells, in our thoughts, etc. When we really listen to ourselves, our Intuition and each other, we can be open to all the gifts that come through the trustfall experience in each moment. It takes courage, releasing the fear or need to control, expectations, standards and outcomes. It is humbling, it is aweinspiring, it is uncomfortable for ego, it is practice in moving into the unknown with Peace, Joy, Love and Patience. And through it all, if we are open to it we can experience, be and offer the exquisite Love, Kindness, Delight, and Happiness that is available in that Flow. We can practice with it Now if we want, we don’t have to wait for the Transition into the Nonphysical. The Guidance is to keep connecting with your Intuition and Divine Team/Spirit Team and feel/sense the connection of Joy, Trust and Unconditional Love. From that place, see what comes through in terms where you get nudged to go, what you listen to, who you want to talk to, what kinds of things you want to do that keep you connected and engaged in that space of Connection and Joy. It will guide you towards the things that will help you grow your experience of Trust and Happiness in each transition. See what you see and let us know!
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