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Intentionally Receiving Energy!

Often we will focus solely on logic, reason, using our brain to “figure things out.” This is only using a part of a wide array of information available to us. It is like only using one part of our body or one part of a computer, and leaving the rest of it offline. That makes things much more arduous, challenging and time consuming. When we tap into and utilize all of our physical and psychic or intuitive senses, it brings the whole body in coherence and alignment. Further, it allows for a richer experience that is more efficient and effortless. We are able to fully receive information emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically.

Being a conduit means that we are constantly transmitting and receiving energy/information from all of our senses, not just from the brain. The more we are aware of what we are receiving/transmitting and that we get to direct that energy, the more efficient and supportive we are to ourselves and others. We then have access to a better stocked and supportive toolkit.

What happens though? Why is it so hard to access this toolkit that is available to us?

When we are younger we are receiving all kinds of energy and information and we are much more open. Do to social conditioning, trauma and other events that can happen, we are often told, shown or feel that we need to shut down different senses to not fully receive all the information available to us. We are told to rely mainly on our brain, 5 senses and more outward authorities for information. We are shown, told and modeled to not trust ourselves and our own intuition, inner knowing and guidance. This does a disservice to ourselves and others. If we begin to pay attention, we start to notice the many opportunities to opening up again, learning how to work with our own energy/information and from others. The more we are able to discern between our own energy and that of other’s or different places/spaces, the easier it is to decide how and where we want our energy to go and/or be used. We are beginning to understand more as a world how to work with all of our tools, with more understanding occurring every day.

Grounding exercises, meditation, taking an epsom salt bath, unhooking from your phone or other devices and stopping to feel how your body is, how your mind is and your emotions are some good ways to begin noticing your own energy first, and then begin adding in what it is like when you are around other people and/or other spaces. These are just a few ideas for you to practice with and experience for yourself. If you would like more information on these practices and/or support in using them, we have a wonderful membership for Wellness As One and/or individual services to support your journey.

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