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How to Support Intuition When It Calls

Among other modalities for intuitive/energetic support, listening and talking can be very deep energetic work. As a practice this can be done all the time. Getting out of the way, moving ego/voices in the head out of the way and not having better things to say, a retort, a quip or “this happened to me too” ready – but to really listen and be present with ourselves, Life and Life in the form of another person or people – to receive the frequency of their words and energy and be with that, is a gift to receive and give. When we are present and with ourselves and Life/Divine/Spirit in all of its forms and get to be the clearest channel or conduit for it, it is speaking and offering a healing frequency or energy through which we and everyone else gets to benefit. Many of us can remember times or people that we were with where we felt “heard” vs. being with a person who wasn’t really present or was “checked out”. We can also tell (if we pay attention) if we, ourselves, are present or checked out. We can tell the difference in our bodies, which is why it is so helpful to pay attention to the incredible tuning fork that is the body. Many spiritual paths and religions speak to presence/being present/being with the breath/getting centered because that is where we get to experience the oneness, the connection, being the unique expression that is a part of All. This is the experience of Life coming through us to express itself. When we can get out of the way and enjoy Life listening through us and speaking through us, we get to receive the deepest, wisest intelligence of Life/Source/Divine coming through. One of the ways we can feel the difference between Life/Presence speaking and listening through us vs ego taking over is that it will feel expansive, kind, clear, free, open, flowing, loving in the body. When we are operating through ego there is urgency, me/mine, rigidity, defensiveness, inattention, distraction, fear and needing to control/be right. The body feels tight, there is a push/pull energy and feeling stuck. The conditioning is to stay rushed, urgent, things to do, not enough time.

The encouragement today is to drop any urgency. Take a deep breath. Plant your feet on the ground. Stop and listen to the body, to the energy in the body. Ask what it needs, how can you support it right now and appreciate all that it is doing/being for you right now. See how that feels in the body and know that you can redirect the attention to that experience any time you want. You can connect with Life/Source/Spirit Guides to support you, listen with you and connect with you and others all the time. It is a practice and opportunity to grow in an aligned way with the most loving support 24/7. This doesn’t mean you go rogue and never connect with other humans or support in other forms, but it does mean that you can learn to trust the innate wisdom more from within you that is for your highest good and the highest good of others, understanding that they also have their journey and what is of their highest good as well. You always have the option to release what doesn’t serve you and take in what resonates. This is true all the time. Over time you will be able to practice more effectively with other people and their ability to listen and their words and energy while staying connected to your own. This is trickier, but not impossible, we all have moments when we are able to do this with people we in the same frequency with and it just flows, as well as when there is a major mismatch. We just don’t know we can do this regularly with ourselves and others. (because really, there is no “other” but that is for another time! Over time with practice we can become more adept at staying present and at the frequency of Life’s flow. It is worth the investment!

Enjoy practicing and let us know what you see!

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