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Going Beyond Fear, Resistance and Limitation

I was watching a video on a cancer survivor and how she had taken a very difficult life circumstance and used it to grow, flourish and transform. Her decision was to take a passion and hobby and transform it into a career and form of expression to support others. While she had a specific gift that was easier for her to utilize, it wasn’t her first choice before she had cancer. She had decided pre-cancer that she would go into business, make a great deal of money and be able to buy a lot of things. I think there are a lot of us that can relate to that path, or a variation on that path. After moving through cancer and looking at the possibility she might only have one year to live, she decided to take the love of playing the violin and traveling and turn them into a career. And she did just that. She now tours the world and loves to connect with community in the form of the arts and opening platforms for people to express their love of music.

What about that for the rest of us? Do we need to have a life experience like cancer to help us find what matters to us most and follow that path? Is it possible for us to find the courage to go with what our heart desires without needing a life altering experience? And I don’t mean to drop all responsibilities and run off to the woods. I mean really take a look and see what is best for all, which includes ourselves, and start to make changes that are in alignment with what lights us up the most. It is different for everyone and our gifts that we can give. Though I do not play the violin, I do have other gifts and skills that bring me joy and can be of service to others. Over the years the things I have been called to do, that felt in alignment with what brought me happiness, joy and love have shifted and changed, but all supported my growth and service to community. When I made my biggest shift from being a teacher with a steady income to going back to school to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, it was a huge shift in what I thought I could or should do. It felt extremely scary, similar to the feelings now of having my own businesses that are supported by a retreat called Going Beyond Fear, Resistance and Limitation. I get to be on a working retreat that supports my businesses and life. It is such a gift. What I also know to be true is that every time I listen and take the next step, then pause, recalibrate, listen and take the next step, I end up being ok. And more than ok. Fabulous. I feel excited, inspired and invigorated because I am getting to go beyond fear, limitations and resistance into freedom.

My invitation is to look and see if your life is in alignment with what brings you the most happiness, joy and love possible. If that is so right now, that is fantastic and thank you for doing the work to be an offering to yourself and others. If it isn’t, that is okay too, because there is always this moment to pause and look to see how you can bring more of your life into whatever you want it to be. We are doing this together!

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