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Filling the Cup Part 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

As we are learning to be with uncertainty and the unknown rather than resist it, the question often arises of how? How do we take care of ourselves in the midst of it all? Luckily there are a myriad of ways to fill our cups so we can navigate the unknown from a place a peace. Over time we can side step, drop and let go of fear of success or failure and worry. Below are a couple of tools that have been resonating within the space of Wellness As One (and beyond). More resources will be highlighted as we journey together.

HearthMath tools! I first learned about HeartMath from one of my teachers, Kat Lilith of the Healing Heart Space. She is a Heart Math Coach and Trainer (among many other amazing things) and you can hear her speak about HeartMath on the podcast here . Researchers at HeartMath found that the heart can pick up EMF’s 6ft from it, more quickly than the brain or any other organ in the body. The research also shows a decrease of stress on the nervous system and reduction in anxiety and an increase in peace, among other benefits. I have noticed personal shifts in my energy state and in others with this modality. When we bring the heart, body and mind into alignment or coherence, it is easier to focus, connect and be present to love and gratitude. This the experience of filling our cups.

Recording and Listening! Recording and Listening came about several years ago from another of my teacher’s, Cheri Huber of Living Compassion. She is a Zen Awareness Practice teacher and author and found this tool to be just as transformative as meditation. There is a wonderful book and card deck (What Universe Are You Creating) to support the implementation of the tool and you can find it here. It is my experience, along with others I have worked with that Recording and Listening helps shift the energy, attention and awareness from past or future stories and back to the present well-being. Being able to see the story and say what is actually true in the moment and hear it in one own’s voice helps ground and reconnect. It fills us with what is actually true, our inherent goodness and lovability, as well as our adequacy to whatever is unfolding in the given moment. It is another direct experience of taking exquisite care.

I encourage you to check these out, ask questions as they arise at (a members forum/chat will be coming in the near future!) or to Kat Lilith or the Stewards at Recording and Listening. There is much support your growth if you want to learn more!

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