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Curiosity is a gift.

There was a quote from a song in the movie Little Yeti,that caught my attention – “we are only curious, isn’t that okay?” For me, there is so much there. It feels like that is such an important place to be, in curiosity, but for most people it can be frowned down upon or just flat out not allowed – internally or externally. Even for children there is a place where they hear more no’s and why are you asking so many questions. We become socially conditioned to stop being curious and most people have to relearn how to stay in curiosity. My partner just asked me what I was doing while writing this blog and I questioned him questioning me until I realized what I was doing!!! I was so present with my writing and then in one split second it was gone as annoyance entered for interrupting with curiosity. That doesn’t make me a bad person, nor him an annoyance for being curious. it means nothing other than I was present and then I wasn’t.

Anybody else had that experience? That is a pretty fun thing to be curious about as well!

If I am not in that place of wonder and curiosity it is my experience there are lots of ways to enter curiosity in invitations from Life. It might show up from a small child asking questions. My children love to ask questions, notice things and wonder about things they see, experience or ask about what pops in their head. My practice is to have a balance in helping them find answers for their queries without going into overwhelm as they have a great deal of curiosity and not always find the answer right in the moment. I try to help them with finding the answers when possible, see about their working hypothesis and table things if we can’t get to it right away. Keeping consistent with coming back to their questions is important as it supports continued curiosity, let’s them know it is okay and that they can wait for answers – it won’t always be clear right away. Am I perfect at this? No. Am I practicing? Yes!

Another invitation to be curious might come from solution finding in a person’s work. I watched a flight attendant skillfully maneuver several people into different seats split up like a Tetris game or puzzle, with curiosity and ease. He just wondered aloud if people might move here and there to help each other out with what I project was kindness and curiosity. Everyone responded with kindness and we all moved on with the flight. Even when questioning or wondering about things that unfold for myself, it is helpful to practice waiting for clarity if it isn’t coming right away. Seeing the subtlities between facts, and then beliefs and assumptions I thought were facts, is a wonderful place to be. That openness allows it all to be okay. Curiosity, the person being curious and the invitation to be curiosity is one gift of being alive. Because all that is being done and offered in that moment is openness, whole heartedness and ultimately love. Let us know where curiosity shows up for you and what you notice!

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