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Chain Reactions

My son has been getting more interested in dominoes and setting them up for long courses to watch the chain reactions. As I was watching one of the courses, it dropped in that domino chain reactions are a wonderful example of how life and all that is in life are chain reactions. There is movement and with a ripple effect. Though we can not control what unfolds, we do get to choose our response to what unfolds. We get to choose how we add our contribution to Life’s chain reaction. Am I feeding the chain reaction of presence or unconsciousness? If someone cuts me off in traffic, I can’t know why they did that and I am going to waste a lot of time trying to figure why it happened. In fact, I will be contributing to a similar chain reaction of the one that started with someone cutting me off. “Why would they do that? What is wrong with them? This is the problem with people!” And then I cut someone off or something like that because of I am not paying attention! Reacting is the movement to become unconscious/or become identified with emotions, stuck in a story and miss everything happening here, now. Responding is acknowledging what is happening, aware of all the energy that might arise from a situation like being cutting off in traffic, letting it go and move on to what is next. This is not passive contribution, it is active contribution to the chain reaction. Paying attention to what is without reacting allows us to receive the next moment, interrupt the chain reaction of unconsciousness and add to the chain reaction of consciousness. It is easier said than done as well! If it was easy, we would all be doing this!!!! The good news is we can keep paying attention and practice as life goes along.

See what happens next time an event unfolds and you see the choice of reacting or responding – setting the course of the chain reaction you want to contribute to.

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