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What is Ahai 7D and How Does It Work?

As an Ahai practitioner, I  have been attuned to Ahai™ energy and will act as a channel for the energy and send it to you via distance while you relax. Ahai is a powerful form of energy that works to rebalance the energy body and raise the receiver’s vibration and energetic frequency. 

Everyone will have a unique experience each time when receiving Ahai, but some common experiences during a session are relaxation, calming, heat, chills, tingles, emotional release, openness, expansion and reduction or elimination pain, stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. It feels like receiving unconditional love and light. I am also trained in other intuitive / psychic gifts and will be able to offer deeper intuitive insight, if you are interested in receiving that information for a deeper experience. This transformational healing helps with physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks and brings clarity and alignment to your life's path. 

What Are the Benefits of Ahai?

Because Ahai™ is a 7th dimensional energy, it is very powerful and can facilitate rapid transformation. 
It can promote physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing, realign the energy body, reactivate your intuitive abilities, raise and recalibrate your vibration, amplify your intention setting practice, and reactivate your cosmic DNA. No results are guaranteed, and these sessions are not / should not be considered as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment or in lieu of those treatments. That being said, some clients have anecdotally reported feeling ease of symptoms and reduction of chronic issues. 


Many who have experienced other forms of energy healing in the past notice a profound difference when they receive Ahai™ - it is stronger and works more quickly. Though Megan has been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and feels that Ahai is a powerful way to work with trauma, anxiety, depression, stress and physical issues as well, Ahai should not be used in lieu of psychological, medical or financial professional services. It can enhance and/or support the work across all the disciplines. The number of sessions recommended will depend on the client and his/her/their intentions, but most clients feel best receiving 1-5 sessions when targeting a specific concern. For those interested in energetic maintenance & regular upgrades, 1-2 times a month is recommended.

What clients are saying about their Ahai sessions:

"I had the sacred pleasure of experiencing a Ahai 7D session with Megan Safford Nishibori.  What an incredible experience.  Meg created a safe, powerful container to explore energetic alignment and healing.  I was guided towards setting an intention for our session, which was so helpful.  Meg intuitively selected binaural beats music that helped me enter the experience more fully.  The energetic presence and support of Ahai and Meg were felt during the silent portion of our time.  During our discussion of my experience  Meg was gentle, kind, curious and very present.  Though this experience, I was gifted with time to slow down and tune into myself and also with some valuable messages and insights to support me on my life's path.  I'm very grateful to Meg for this experience."  Crystal S.


"I had the best night sleep, I have experienced, in weeks. 


It felt amazing. 


And I feel different. The anxiety is down. The constant hormonal swings are down. 


I’m so grateful. " Kristina K.


"The morning of the reading I felt lots of flutters for the first time. It wasn't just seconds like they were in the past, it was like, I"m here mom and there is no way of mistaking me for something else". My divine team was already connecting me to my baby, something I have been leaning into, but not letting myself fully experience out of the fear of losing him.


As soon as my conversation began, I could feel a tingling, a lightness and a release. Those goose bumps on my arms as Megan spoke on what was coming up. Megan is so present, non judgemental, and just radiates joy, love, laughter and understanding. I felt free to share everything that was coming up and she was spot on with what I needed to hear. I layed back, put my hands on my belly and just let go. I started to feel like I was in a deprivation tank. All tensions left my body and I felt light, tingling and at peace. I felt my eyes well up a bit but mostly felt bliss. I let all fear go and just concentrated on the connection with my baby, my divine team and the joy around that connection. I could feel the little flutters and I spoke to him and felt very connected to him. I truly sat in feeling blessed without the fear of losing him. I would akin the feeling to sitting in Savasana after an hour of Yoga, or sitting in an acupuncture session...but this was right away. All tension melted away. My mind was not busy or stuck on other things. I was just present in this moment.


I will take this session with me and continue the conversation with my divine team - Thank you Meg for being an amazing channel for conveying these messages and for helping me to heal. I appreciate you showing me how to imagine my aura around me and ask my team to recalibrate and remove any tears so I can move through each day with my joy and trust again. " Bessie A.

"My first experience with Ahai was meaningful because Meg’s guidance was gentle and she helped me feel at ease! I felt super relieved! It was what I needed but I didn’t know that..Thank you so much!” Julieta D.

"The session was pretty invigorating and calming.  We set intentions of clearing spiritual and emotional blocks; seeking clarity (because I was feeling foggy); my liver, and Lucky (ease during his vet visit).  At the start of the session I felt coolness at my feet (not uncomfortable cold) that lingered there for a bit.  At the same time I felt an iridescent white and pink/lavender orb over my face that stayed there for the better of the sensation (session).   I have felt pretty calm since and just going with the flow, staying in the present.  I feel good. " P.L.

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What Are the Options for Receiving Ahai?

Options for Ahai Energy Healing:

1 Individual Ahai 90 min session- 222.00

3 Ahai 90 min session package - 600.00

5 Ahai 90 min session package - 945.00

1 Ind. Ahai and 1 Energy Coaching Session Package - 345.00

1 Parent and Child Ahai Energy Healing Session Each -


2 Parent and Child Ahai Energy Healing Sessions Each-


1 Child/Teen Ahai Energy Healing Session (Parent must have had their own before child/teen).

And as a thank you!.....50% off next Ahai session for referrals or one month of membership free.:) and All sessions and packages come with the Wellness As One Forum subscription for free to support your highest alignment.)


What you can expect in an Ahai 7D Energy Healing Session:

Individual Ahai Energy Healing Session 90 min. via Zoom- 

get support around intention and focus.

Energy work targeted towards focus and highest alignment.

Debriefing of what was done, information that came through and take away to help anchor in attunement.

Recording of take away information and cards that were pulled. 

Follow up after session to see if there are any questions, etc.

What You Can Expect in Individual Energy Coaching (60 min) to enhance and anchor in Ahai Energy Healing.

-Focus of intention and card pull/energy reading 

Specific guidance and coaching with tools to support shift in alignment


Expansion and support of prior Ahai energy healing to amplify and further anchor in energetic work and set next intention if ready.

What You Can Expect with the Wellness As One Forum with infused Ahai Energetic support:

Consciously Channeled Videos 

Transmitted messages and information for further exploration, growth and expansion.


Space to ask questions around energetic and intuitive development for yourself and/or your child.

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