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Wellness As One

Tools for Aligned Living
With Megan Safford Nishibori

Energy work calibrated and attuned to the highest aligned version of You.

What is Ahai 7D?

What is Ahai

Ahai is a powerful form of energy that works to rebalance the energy body and raise the receiver’s vibration and energetic frequency. ​

As an Ahai practitioner, I have been attuned to Ahai™ energy and will act as a channel for the energy and send it to you via distance while you relax. Everyone will have a unique experience each time receiving Ahai. Some common experiences during a session are relaxation, calming, heat, chills, tingles, emotional release, openness, expansion and reduction or elimination of pain, stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. It feels like receiving unconditional love and light in the most wonderful way possible. These sessions are for anyone (adults, children, parents/caregivers of starseed children and starseed children) ready to expand and align into their most authentic Self and Timeline.


I am trained in intuitive and psychic gifts, offering deeper insight for a more profound experience. This healing method addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks while bringing clarity and alignment to your life path. 

Ahai Benefits
Benefits of Ahai

Because Ahai™ is a 7th dimensional energy, it is very powerful and can facilitate rapid transformation. 
Ahai promotes physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing and realignment of the energy body. It reactivates your intuitive abilities, raises and recalibrates your vibration and frequency, amplifies your intention setting practice, reactivates your cosmic DNA. Often people find a deeper connection or reactivation to their Spiritual and Galactic support through the Ahai sessions and work with Megan.

Many who have experienced other forms of energy healing in the past have noticed a profound difference when they receive Ahai™ , from its potency and harmonization with other modalities to its ability to quickly shift timelines and/or intentions into the physical.

Megan has been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and feels that Ahai is a powerful way to work with trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and physical issues. Ahai should not be used instead of psychological, medical, or financial professional services, but it enhances and supports the work across all disciplines. 

Clients have anecdotally reported feeling ease of symptoms and reduction of chronic issues.

Click here to read what Wellness As One clients are saying about their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/energetic wellbeing. --> Testimonials

The number of sessions recommended will depend on the client and their intentions. Most clients feel best receiving 1-3 sessions when targeting a specific topic or issue that garners more immersive support. In those cases, a month long container can be most useful, with combinations of Ahai, Intuitive Consults and Voxer (audio/text) messaging in between. For clients that want more space and integration on their own, individual Ahai 7D Energy Healing sessions and/or Intuitive Energy Consults are a wonderful option.

Ahai Options
What To Expect

Ahai 7D Energy Healing

  • ​Individual Ahai Energy Healing Session via Zoom 90 min.

  • Sessions engage energetic and intuitive support, healing and information based on specific client need and focus.

  • These sessions are for people who want and are ready for transformation and shifts in their life.

Ahai Deep Dive Month Long 

  • 1-3 Sessions of Ahai 7D Energy Healing and/or Intuitive Energy Consults via Zoom and twice weekly Voxer support (audio/text messages) in a month long Ahai infused container.

  • This is best for clients that want to address a specific issue in a co created, longer intensive. The clients need to be ready and motivated for optimal experience. Issues for this type of container may include: aligning and supporting parents/stewards and their intuitive or starseed children; before, during and after a treatment or surgery for optimum healing; adjusting to and deepening psychic/intuitive abilities and connection with own Divine or Spirit Team/Source.

  • Information from the Ahai 7D Energy Healing, Spirit Guides and Higher Self to the client for the month will be the basis for tools, reframes and new templates to experienc embody and practice with for clients growth. 

Intuitive Energy Consult

  • Intuitive Energy Consult via Zoom 50 min.

  • Ahai infused focus on a specific issue picked by the client.

  • Intuitive engagement with Guides and Highest Self to map out information offered.

  • Take away tools and/or assignment to assist in journey.

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